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Workshops with Dr Brenda Davies

Northumbria Healers are delighted to host two further workshops

 with Dr Brenda Davies at Newton & Bywell Community Hall

 on September 15/16th 2018


The Many Faces of Grief – Saturday 15th September

Grief is a unique experience; each of us responds according to our unique experience of the relationship lost – whether that be with a person, a beloved pet, a marriage, innocence, a body part, a country, a career, a way of life or something else cherished and held dear.  Though we may try to rationalise grief and order the sequence in which recovery takes place, issues such as the circumstances around the loss, the quality of the relationship and the psychological and emotional resources of the bereaved all contribute to the process. Thus, grief has many faces and ideally, we would not attempt to compare our own response with that of another, but accept the unique journey and the pain and potential for growth involved. If we have the courage to love we will inevitably suffer grief when the object of our love is lost. Please come and join us as we gently explore the phenomenon of grief.

Chakra Anniversaries and Life Planning – Sunday 16th September

Chakra health directly affects our total well-being. Our chakras (energy centres) develop in a thirty-year cycle, though trauma can impede that development at any time.  Thirty years later – at the chakra anniversary – we have the opportunity to revisit and heal any trauma that still has the potential to affect us and produce symptoms or disruption in our lives. Though of course, we can do our healing at any time, scanning our lives and knowing quite accurately when there might be some issues, not only allows us to heal more effectively, but also to plan and prepare for up-coming chakra anniversaries that might otherwise disturb us and free ourselves to enjoy positive good health.

Dr Brenda Davies is a doctor, spiritual healer, teacher, veteran workshop leader, and author of several books including Journey of the Soul and The Rainbow Journey. She is also the Principal of the Brenda Davies International School of Healing and Spiritual Development.

Places at this workshop are limited and we advise you to contact us as soon as possible to reserve your place. The cost for each day is £60.00 but there will be a reduction of £20.00 if you book both days.


For further Information and to book your place on the workshop, contact either Liz Weir – 07814595724, or Pam Down on 07960380636 (email