Sacred Heart Meditation

This is the full version of our Sacred Heart meditation from our CD, Pathways to Peace. We hope it will bring some calm in these uncertain times. The meditation itself lasts approx. 17 minutes with soothing music for the remainder of the track.

Meditation written by Liz Weir, voiced by Helen Aitken. Music written and performed by Peter James.

*Please do not listen to this meditation whilst driving or operating machinery*

©Northumbria Healers 2017

The power of love

In 1938 Albert Einstein wrote a series of profound and inspiring letters.  He asked his daughter to reveal them only at a time when mankind was ready to hear the words, when our survival depended upon it.  They were released in 1980 but never have they had so much pertinence as during this current crisis.  I am deeply moved by his powerful invitation to mankind and wanted to share this with you —words to be inspired by daily to carry us through these difficult times.

In All Love,
Brandon Bays


Healing Centre – August 2014

Would friends please note that the Healing Centre on Saturday 30 August will now be held in the Parish Hall and not the Millennium Hall as previously notified. Apologies for any inc0nvenience. We look forward to seeing you!

Mind Body Spirit Event

Northumbria Healers are presenting a Mind, Body, Spirit event at Hexham Auction Mart on Saturday 8th November 2014.. Watch this space for further details! If you wish to be involved or to have a table, please contact either Liz Weir (0781 4595724) or Pam Down (07860 380636).

Riding Mill Village Day

Northumbria Healers had a stall in the Parish Hall at Riding Mill’s Village Day on Saturday 21at June. It was a very good day with lots happening in the village and many people enjoying the events. We raised awareness of our work at the Healing Centre and gave mini healing sessions. Many people showed an interest in our work and we hope to see them at one of our Healing Centres in the near future.

Healing Centre – St Andrew’s Church, Benton

Due to the success of the Healing Centre at St Andrew’s Church, Benton on 6th May, we are pleased to announce that we will be holding monthly Healing Centres at this same location over the summer months. The next Healing Centre at St Andrew’s will be on Tuesday 3rd June from 5pm to 7pm. Please see the Events page for details of the address.

Healing Centre in Newcastle

We will be running a one-off Healing Centre in the Liddell Hall, St Andrew’s Church, Station Road, Benton, NE12 8AW from 5pm to 7pm on Tuesday 6th May. Healing is by donation – all are welcome.