Mind, Body, Spirit Event – Our Participants

Saturday 8 November from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Hexham Auction Mart, Tyne Green, Hexham, NE46 3 SG.

List of participants:

Debra Donnelly, Hands On, Hexham – hands on therapies, beauty treatments, beauty products, healing, massage, facials using Elemis and Dr Haushka organic products. www.handsonhexham.co.uk

Gill Coates, Illygoms  – crafts

Pat Smith, psychic artist and jewellery hand made by Pat’s students at First Step. Psychic art is intuitive drawing based on connecting to a person’s energies.

Trudy J Ashplant – tarot reader and spiritual teacher. www.trudyjashplant.co.uk

Beth Kelly – psychic reader and Life-Re-Director. www.bethkelly.co.uk

Bob Carr –  tarot  reader and healer.

Caroline Taylor, Candle Love. – handmade candles.

Edwin Courtenay and Andrew Helme – books, crystals, CDs, jewellery, spiritual crafts. www.ipssissimus.co.uk

Shona Duthie –  The Wood Muse – hand-carved spiritual warriors, jewellery and pendulums. Shona also plays the guitar. www/etsy.com/shop/TheWoodMuse

Glynis Rose – Vedic Art, Therapist and Trainer – chakra cards and coloured silks. www.glynisrose.com

Barbara Ellis, Optimum Health – Health and Well-Being Therapist. www.optimumhealth.org.uk

Susan Johnson – yoga books and CDs. www.thirtypaths.com

Anne Cosgrove and Allison Austick – Nia (Non-impact aerobics) www.nianow.com/allison-austick

Sheila Barnes – Eternal Circle Healing. Healer and Cosmic Heart Artwork wwweternal-circle.co.uk

Denise Jacques, Spirited @ Green Heart – Energy Therapist and Master/Teacher – crystals and gemstones. www.healerfound.co.uk/therapists/denisejacques.htm

Vera Burini – handmade crystal and gemstone jewellery

Sue Knight – angels, incense, crystals and salt lamps.

Debbie Young – kinesiology and crystal healer. Crystals, candles and natural salts.

Janette Young, Knowledge Futures – Coaching and Personal Development

Nina Hall, Dvine Light  – Aura photographer. www.divinelight.biz

Fiona McGee – Indian Head Massage

Dilston Physic Garden – herbs and herbal products. www.dilstonphysicgarden.com

Northumbria Healers – free healing sessions. Donations accepted.

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