About us

Group photoNorthumbria Healers is a community based not-for-profit organisation, run entirely by professionally trained local volunteers.

We are a group of enthusiastic healers who are committed to giving our time and expertise to support members of the community in this way. We have a wealth of skill and experience and have been offering healing sessions across the North East for many years.

We are here to support clients and members of the public suffering from a wide range of different problems.  People often describe feeling shocked, angry, depressed or isolated and in need of some help or assistance following a diagnosis for themselves or a loved one. However, you don’t need to be ill to experience healing for yourself –  you may be caring for someone who has an illness, or you may just feel out of sorts; there is hardly a soul in this world that does not require some gentle healing from time to time.

All of our healers and practitioners have been professionally trained to occupational standards and are accredited with large healing organisations such as the Guild of Professional Healers or The Healing Trust. Thanks to some welcome funding from the Awards for All Lottery Grant and also the Northumberland Community Chest Programme, we are now able to undertake this community project and offer our healing services to a wider audience, to help people live well.

The three Directors of Northumbria Healers are:-

Liz Weir:   Policy and Strategic Development

Pam Down:  Chair, Treasurer, Marketing and Legal Support

Fiona McGee:  Tutor, Operations and Business Management

Our team of volunteer healing practitioners include:-

Barbara, Jan, Pat, Bridget, Janice, Christine, June, Gill, Helen, Lesley, Pat, Lesley, Barbara, Belinda and Alison.