Distant Healing

We have all, at some time, maybe unknowingly, given distant healing. Prayer offered for someone who is sick is the most fundamental form of distant healing which works on the principle that energy follows thought. Much scientific evidence is available to prove that the power of prayer, given in this way, benefits the recipient.  Healing energy, which is a powerful form of prayer, can travel anywhere faster than the speed of light, and is particularly beneficial when a patient or client cannot travel, or is confined for some reason, or incapable of visiting the Healing Centre in person.

As with all forms of healing, this service is grounded with the practitioners’ clear intention to heal through the power of unconditional love.  We have a dedicated team of volunteer practitioners who are qualified and willing to give their time and offer their healing services in this way.  If you would like your name (or the name of a loved one or friend who may be suffering) to be put on to our list for Distant Healing, then do contact us here and we will endeavour to deal with this as soon as possible, ensuring complete confidentiality of this process.  If you are one of our practitioners, please select Distant Healing List from the drop-down menu for this page.