The Directors

Liz Weir:  Policy and Strategic Development

Liz WeirLiz has been practising as a healer practitioner, teacher, coach and Journey therapist for many years in the North East and elsewhere. With considerable experience in building networks in the business sector, she combines those skills with her deep personal interest in the role of healing in helping to understand the fundamental link between spiritualty and well-being.

Liz has helped many clients and students to find greater peace and fulfilment in their lives by helping them to identify and clear the often restrictive and limiting conditioning and patterning that blocks the individuals’ natural pathway to growth and expansion.

Liz lives in Northumberland and runs workshops, individual sessions and retreats to help deepen our understanding of what is happening in our lives and in our world at this time of great change.


 Pam Down:  Chair, Treasurer, Marketing and Legal Support

PamPam spent many years as a manager in the public sector and is very experienced in dealing with a wide range of people and the challenges that they face. Following a long-held interest in health and well-being, she decided to train to be a healer. She qualified in 2010 with The Healing Trust and the following year was able to take advantage of an opportunity to leave her full-time career and devote more time to healing work. Since then she has qualified in Reiki to Level 2 and has also gained a qualification in animal healing with Stonebridge College. She is joint co-ordinator of Gentle Touch North, a support group for healers and sound healers from the North-East and Cumbria, which meets once a month in Hexham. Pam also works with a small group of healers who will provide a distant healing service for animals on request. She lives in Northumberland.


Fiona McGee:  Tutor, Operations and Business Management

FionaFiona McGee is an established Holistic Therapist who is well known and respected in our local Market Town for her unique healing approach to a multitude of conditions.

Fiona is fully qualified and well practised in a range of different therapies and draws on all of her skills and her many years of experience in this field to create a safe environment for groups and individuals to discover their own healing potential.

Having been an advocate for natural healing methods for over 18 years, Fiona is passionate and deeply knowledgeable about healing energies and has studied and now teaches both Reiki and Spiritual Healing.