What happens in a Healing session

017-Inserted Image-200x300pxEach healing session will vary according to the individual practitioner but will be based upon the following approved protocol at the healing centre:-

  • Sessions usually last from 20-30 minutes;
  • The healer practitioner will start with a few basic questions about your health/background and you will be asked to sign the form, indicating your permission for the healing to take place;
  • Treatment is usually carried out on a reclining chair or a couch;
  • There is no need to remove clothes, but you may be asked to remove your shoes;
  • The practitioner will direct the healing energy to the areas of the body where she/he senses any imbalance and will work to dissolve any energy blocks where tension or resistance are held;
  • They will work by either placing the hands lightly on the body or by working with the hands above the body;
  • During the session, you may experience physical sensations such as a slight tingling, warmth, or coolness;
  • The practitioner will usually touch your shoulder lightly to signal that the session is coming to a close, and will offer a drink of water or refreshment;

The healing treatment will be recorded on your patient record sheet and all documents held in a secure place and treated in strict confidence.