What happens in a Healing session

017-Inserted Image-200x300pxEach healing session will vary according to the individual practitioner but will be based upon the following approved protocol at the healing centre:-

  • Sessions usually last from 20-30 minutes;
  • The healer practitioner will start with a few basic questions about your health/background and you will be asked to sign the form, indicating your permission for the healing to take place;
  • Treatment is usually carried out on a reclining chair or a couch;
  • There is no need to remove clothes, but you may be asked to remove your shoes;
  • The practitioner will direct the healing energy to the areas of the body where she/he senses any imbalance and will work to dissolve any energy blocks where tension or resistance are held;
  • They will work by either placing the hands lightly on the body or by working with the hands above the body;
  • During the session, you may experience physical sensations such as a slight tingling, warmth, or coolness;
  • The practitioner will usually touch your shoulder lightly to signal that the session is coming to a close, and will offer a drink of water or refreshment;

The healing treatment will be recorded on your patient record sheet and all documents held in a secure place and treated in strict confidence.

More on Healing

016-Inserted Image-200x300pxHealing has been practised around the world for thousands of years and is linked to both eastern and western traditions. In our western context, healing is usually delivered by a light touch on the body (fully clothed), or by placing hands just above the body. Healing can also be offered by distant healing, where the healer and the client are in different locations.

Many healers work with what they call a “vital force” or “spiritus vitae”,   the life force energy often described as Love or Light – in effect, it is using the breath to guide them to a place of stillness and deep compassion with a clear intention by the healer/practitioner to help or facilitate healing in their client. The aim of the healer or practitioner is therefore to bring about balance in a person’s “energy” field and to allow their client’s own healing abilities to work harmoniously. It can be used to promote peace, health, acceptance (of themselves or a situation) and ultimately, a sense of well-being.  It is widely acknowledged that moments of deep insight can also occur when a person is in a place of deep rest as experienced during such healing treatments.

Healing is not offered as a replacement for conventional treatments, but to work alongside them. By restoring balance, it is thought that personal vitality is increased which supports the body’s natural ability to heal. Benefits reported include improvements in physical wellbeing and emotions, relief from pain or stress, and lifting of depression and anxiety.

Practitioners recommend healing to promote living a fuller, more balanced life, and particularly to help during traumatic periods or times of high anxiety and stress.

Healing is non-denominational, respectful of all religious traditions and does not expect the recipient to have faith or to be religious. There are no known side effects as healing is considered safe and non-invasive; it is offered by organisations such as Cancer Support Groups, and is increasingly available in NHS settings such as hospitals and hospices.

Sponsored Climb

Cat BellsJune Carlisle and Pam Down will be undertaking a valiant ascent of a Lake District peak to raise funds for Northumbria Healers.  On Saturday 10th August, they will climb Catbells, near Keswick, which is 1,480 feet in height.  Any sponsorship is gratefully welcome!  Please contact either June:  june@rosepip.co.uk or Pam:  pam@robindown.co.uk if you wish to contribute.

Personal photograph of Catbells taken by Mick Knapton on 28th October 2001 {{GFDL}}


Pathways to Peace CDThe Northumbria Healers Pathways to Peace CD is available for purchase by clicking the Buy Now button below.

This is a self-healing meditation written by Liz Weir, voiced by Helen Aitken. Music written and performed by Peter James Supported by Northumberland County Council’s Community Chest Programme

Purchase price is £6 + £2 post and packaging –  all proceeds from the sale of this CD will go to support the Healing Centre.


This is a sample from the CD:



Two years ago I was encouraged to visit Northumbria Healers having suffered long term from low mood swings and some health conditions.

Keeping an open mind, I have certainly felt gradual, though very significant and positive, changes in my mindset, helped by the skills, love and warmth from the healers. During sessions I have experienced imagined rocking motions and seen billowing clouds of purples, lilacs, yellows and creams – colours of healing and comfort. Even as a septuagenarian I feel new levels of self-esteem and confidence. Thank you. P, Stocksfield

About four years ago I was making a cup of tea. I hadn’t put the kettle on its base straight so bent over to see why it wouldn’t settle and my little finger caught the side of the kettle, which made me pull my hand away. I swept the tea cup over, and the scalding tea splashed over my right cheek and neck, right shoulder, left breast and some on my back. Luckily, I knew  what to do so I had a tepid bath and called for an ambulance. When I got to Accident and Emergency I was seen by a burns specialist, who asked me to stay for two nights so they could see “how long I was going to cook”, as the doctor said. They dressed the areas and he said they would have another look after the two nights in hospital. As I am a healer myself, I immediately asked for healing. On the morning of the second day a nurse came and took the bandages off. The consultant had a look and said it would take anything up to eighteen months for the skin to heal and that I would have a different skin colour and wrinkles where the deepest bits were. When I got home, I asked for my friends in Northumbria Healers to send me healing. I had to go for five weeks to have the dressings removed and creams put on and at the first visit the nurse commented how nice the burns were looking and said to come back the following week for more dressings and cream. It was the next week that made me realise something amazing had taken place. A new nurse had read my medical notes and  when she saw me she said “you look well”, I replied “I feel well”. She took the bandages off, looked at her notes, asked when I had scalded myself (it was a fortnight to the day). She said “it’s not possible, you’re healed”. There were no wrinkles and only a slight difference in skin tone. All my skin levels had healed and the nurse actually checked to see if she had the right notes. She asked how I had done this and I told her  three things -prompt action, good medical attention and healing. She asked what healing was and I told her how my healing group had sent me healing thoughts. She was so impressed that she said she would look into that. I asked her how likely it was that I could heal so quickly without the healing and she said that she couldn’t understand the speed of healing so it must have had an effect. I didn’t have to go back, I was signed off. The pink skin lasted about two weeks and there is no hint of the scalds. Now, when I am asked to send distant healing, I know it’s received. It is difficult to understand “how” but I no longer question it. Pat Smith, Hazlerigg

“I have used this service regularly since it opened and have found it to be of great benefit to my health and well-being. We are lucky to have this service as it is the only one of its kind in the area.”  S A, Corbridge

“Following a debilitating period of recovery from cancer, I found that having treatment from a caring a professional therapist outside the hospital environment gave me a continued mental and emotional boost. As a nurse, I was so impressed with the benefits that healing produced, that I recently trained as a healer in the hope that I will be able to help someone as I was helped”.  L C, Northumberland

“Feeling wonderful, played your CD this morning and felt invigorated”.  LL, Ryton

“Lesley was fabulous – amazing, relaxing and healing experience. I truly believe in self-healing guided in this way. I saw white, purple and pink and experienced deep relaxation and lightness. Thank you so much. I’m definitely coming back and bringing my friends!”  MW, Wylam


The next Healing Centre will be on Saturday 28th May 2022 in the Parish Hall, Millfield Road, Riding Mill, NE44 6DJ.

It will run from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m. with the last session at 3.40 p.m.

We also offer a distant healing service so please get in touch with either Pam Down (pam@northumbriahealers.com) or Liz Weir (liz@northumbriahealers.com) if you would like to be included on our distant healing list.

Healing Centre dates in 2022:

29th January 2022  – the Parish Hall, Millfield Road, Riding Mill, NE44 6DJ

26th February 2022 – the Parish Hall, Millfield Road, Riding Mill, NE44 6DJ

26th March 2022       – Healing Centre cancelled

30th April 2022        – the Parish Hall, Millfield Road, Riding Mill, NE44 6DJ

28th May 2022          – the Parish Hall, Millfield Road, Riding Mill, NE44 6DJ

25th June 2022         – the  Parish Hill, Millfield Road, Riding Mill, NE44 6DJ

30th July 2022          – the Parish Hall, Millfield Road, Riding Mill, NE44 6DJ

13th August 2022      – the Parish Hall, Millfield Road, Riding Mill, NE44 6 DJ

24th September 2022 – the Millennium Hall, Church Road, Riding Mill, NE44 6DR

29th October 2022     – the Parish Hall, Millfield Road, Riding Mill, NE44 6DJ

10th December 2022 – the Parish Hall, Millfield Road, Riding Mill, NE44 6DJ

Healing Touch

Healing Hands-200x300Healing is a gentle, supportive and calming complementary therapy. It involves either a light touch or hands held close to the body to realign and improve the free flow of “energy” around the body, in order to promote self-healing in the recipient. It is offered to generate balance in a person’s energy field in order to activate the body’s own natural healing forces.  However, the full effect and benefits of healing may not be felt until days or even weeks after the treatment.

Healing can bring improvement physically, mentally and emotionally and can be used alongside conventional treatment. It is part of a changing emphasis in healthcare from passive disease management to proactive health creation, and is geared towards helping the individual identify the cause rather than treating the symptoms of disease or disharmony in the body.

“The natural healing force within each one of us is the greatest force in getting well” Hippocrates